XWS Promo Rules

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XWS Promo Rules

Post  Major Broski on Tue Aug 23, 2011 12:24 am

Rule Number 1:
You may not attack someone in a promo without their permission.

Rule Number 2:
You may not role play as another person in a promo without their permission.

Rule Number 3:

Do not take promos too seriously, anything said in a promo must be totally in character.

Rule Number 4:
Try to keep swearing to a minimum, while some characters(Take Brian Danielson for example) have swearing in the catchphrases or usually use swearing in their promos that's alright, but don't have every second word in your promo be the word fuck.

Promos should have good grammar and spelling, this way people will take them more seriously and you'll be more likely to get a title shot.
Try to make promos long, but not too long, short promos usually won't be taken seriously, but really really long promos may not be read by some people.

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